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By Francis Berti


I have moved in strange movements, strange in walking. Responding absurdly with all the intention of provoking, of sending signals to the minds that were open. The question here is not whether he remembers me or responds. It was more of an unknown human species than a cousin. A being capable of always accompanying


Last year someone appeared from behind everyone who, when walking on the sign, passed by without a doubt of anything greater that we know of. Still and all, I have no words. The best thing is not to judge it because the painful massacre has taken until it does what needs to be done, it seems that it will not happen. Beyond the version they give, they are heard, shared, sustained. So we are very sure, are we really very sure?

 They are only going to see the same light over and over again through this culture. Real light that focuses and blurs, that doubts and assures, that rushes and takes time at the same time. There will be no surprise, nor do I love them anymore. Going so far as to say that it resembles opera without pause. When what from its origin has already awakened us has not yet happened. But what issues are in view?

 You are a mother, you should not forget, because that ties everything else. Structure well. It is order above the most beautiful and unique disorder that wants to be and remain forever. It’s not a disease… nothing I’ve told myself can do it. It is always a choice, it is always a choice.

You cannot and should not have two beds. You only sleep in one. The correct one. Two are just waste of time and space. Space where to put a mirror that reflects only an image of a single place. My movements have only sought continuous feedback. It does not alternate. Failure always comes hand in hand with success and success is the vulgar way of staying in the constant suicide of that search for always being outside. Until who should arrive





1 pensamiento en “I WAS ALWAYS OUT ¿ARE YOU GOING OUT?”

  1. Siempre estuve fuera como espectador pasivo, sin involucrarme.Voy a salir de esta zona de confort y a involucrarme para lograr cambios positivos sociales.Profundo tema Francis.Saludos.

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